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Working on some new songs. Sounding great. :-)

Sadly we have to report that, largely due to budgetary reasons, the album release has been cancelled. It's possible that a planned 3rd single may still come out. Watch this space.


Album track 5 revealed as Cherish My Heart. Full track listing so far available here.

Album track 4 announced as Hiding The Truth. Click here to find the updated track listing.

Competition to name our first album still running. A free signed CD copy to the winner. Make your suggestion here

Album track 3 announced as A Life Of Darkness 

Well it's that time of the week again and here is the news. Track 2 on the album will be.....Beautiful Just As You Are (Makes You Beautiful). Watch this space for track 3's big reveal.

First album track announced as King Of The Night - a new version 

Click here to find the updated track listing for the first album.

Click here for details of a competition to name our first album.

Need to decide an album title. Hmmm.

Finalising track listing for the album. Will your favourite be there?

Album release coming soon. Early stages of planning so keep checking back.

Studio this weekend for mix polishing. Can't wait.

Five new rough mixes done. Sounding better with every listen. Nearly enough tracks now for TWO albums.

Depeche Mode cover just uploaded to music page. Let us know what you think.

OMG! I am in love with this new rough mix.

Vocals laid down on 2 new tracks today. Can't wait for you to hear them.


Check out the new pictures on our images page.

Recorded vocals on some new songs. Sounding good.

A medley of 2 Skunk Anansie tracks is now available on the music page. Let us know what you think.

Cherish My Heart and Shelter Me videos both now live on the music page.

Cherish My Heart video happening this weekend so keep checking back to see it.

Cover of Starlight by Muse now available on the music page. Let us know what you think.

New single, Cherish My Heart/Shelter Me, due out on September 17th. Tell your friends!!!

Doing promo work for 2nd single. Full details to follow shortly.

Shot a video for a Muse cover yesterday. Hope to get it uploaded next week.

Tonight's gig at Undersolo has been postponed to 15 Aug. Check the live page for details.

New single mixes almost finalised.

Now working on some covers. Hope to get some uploaded in the next few weeks.

New single now pencilled in for September. Keep checking back for updates.

Been working hard in the studio.3 new songs on the way. Some may get their live debut at the gigs on 17 Jul and 1Aug. Check out the live page for details.

New live track now available on the music page . Go get some.

New live track coming to the music page in less than 48 hours. Stay tuned.

Badges are now available on the merch page.

Badges have finally arrived. Coming soon to a merch page near you.

Nambucca Saturday. Be there or be a tetrahedron. See live page for more.

Don't forget that we're playing at The Essex Arms, this coming Thursday. Our limited edition, signed, numbered CD (numbers 6-10) will be available there. Check our live page for gig details.

It's out. It's available. The single, King of the Night, is out there. Go stream or download. :-) Or check out the videos.

The single King of the Night is going to get played on KUCI (listen in on ( between 8 and 10 AM UK time this coming Sunday. Listen out.

New gigs added to the live page.

One week today until the single King of the Night/Let the World Believe is released. It will be available on iTunes, Napster, Spotify, etc.

Going into the studio this week. Can't wait.

Thanks to everyone that came along on Friday. Don't forget, we're at The Fiddler's Elbow this Friday. Details on the live page.

T-shirts are now available on the merch page. Badges coming soon.

Only 3 days now. Don't forget to come on down and support us. And don't forget our limited edition signed, numbered CDs are only going to be available at these gigs.

We are issuing a limited edition physical CD version of King of the Night, numbered and signed. There will only ever be 25 of these CDs and the first 5 will be on sale for £2.00 at our gig at Mother Live this Friday 11th. See live page for details.

The 2nd video is now live. Let us know what you think.

Don't forget to come and see us play at Mother Live on Fri 11th May. See live page for more details.

The 1st video is finally live. Check out the music page. 2nd to follow this weekend.

Just seen a rough cut of the King of the Night video. Looking pretty good.

Videos coming VERY soon now.

Video shoots done (sort of) and initial
tour dates now available.

Video shoots rained off twice in one week. Really not cool.


Going to start setting up tour dates next week. Hope to announce some confirmed gigs in the next few weeks. If there are venues near you, you think would be suitable, let us know ASAP.

Mixes and artwork (after some technical problems) all now with the distributor. Just gigs and video shoots to sort now. Keep checking back.

Final mixes expected today. Can't wait.

Just received the cover art for the single. It's looking good. We can't wait until you all get to hear it.

The 1st single is almost finished and is set for release on 21st May.

Dark Love's 1st single "King of the Night" is due out in the next couple of months. Watch this space for more news.

Dark Love hopes to be playing live through April, May and June to promote the release of the first single. Keep checking back here.

Dark Love is in the studio at the moment recording the first single.
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