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1st single - King Of The Night/Let The World Believe
2nd single - Cherish My Heart/Shelter Me
Muse Cover / Skunk Anansie Medley / Depeche Mode Cover
Live Track - Take Away The Stain

For details of our first album being released soon, click here.

King Of The Night - 1st single

Here is the video finally. It's not the video we originally planned owing to a lot of last minute let downs but it does the job. Thanks to Loula Kazantzi for stepping in and saving the day at the last minute.

Let The World Believe - track 2 from the 1st single

Take Away The Stain - live at Nambucca, London
8th June 2012

Cover of Starlight by Muse

Cherish My Heart - 2nd single

Shelter Me - track 2 from the second single

Skunk Anansie - Twisted (Everyday Hurts) / Brazen (Weep) medley
Cover of Home by Depeche Mode
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