Do you dream of
dark love?

An exploration of the darker side of love

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What is dark love?
Is it about the music or the love?

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Is it about the music? Or about the love? Sometimes it's difficult to tell where one starts and the other ends. Both are dark and passionate. Both vibrate with an energy that only the joining of bodies and minds can bring.

And which came first? The darkness within, or the darkness outside?

The love of the darkness is what brings us together. And the love of the music.

Love for the unlovable. Love for the depraved. Love for the worthless. Here you can belong.

When darkness seems to engulf you, let Dark Love take over and embrace you, soothe you.

When all you want to do is cut the hurt out of yourself; cut yourself out of the world.

When disgust and despair are king; and self-harm is queen; indulge here. Embrace the darkness.

The passion for dark music; for dark love; for belonging, for acceptance, for peace and for oneness.

The passion for the darker side of life; anger, fear, hate, pain, guilt, shame and disgust. Embrace them all in our dark universe of depravity.

The bad is good. The good is attainable.

Dreams can be nightmares. Nightmares can be dreams. Both can become real in our world.

Dark music, dark passions, dark love.

Dark music that sings of our hopes and fears. That soothes and agitates in equal measure.

Passionate love. Painful, yet rewarding. Soothing, yet disturbing.

Are you ready for Dark Love? Limitless, refreshing and infinitely precious

Is it too much? Can it ever be enough?

A surreal fantasy engaging every sense.

Sit on the edges. Dip in a toe. Or plunge into our darkness.

Find songs of hope; songs of longing; songs of despair; songs of pain; songs of contentment.

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